Trick House – Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Guide

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Trick House – Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Guide

The Trick House is an unusual house with mazes and puzzles deep inside. You may need to earn a new badge and bring a Pokemon with a certain HM before you can

Trick House 3 Solution (Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby)

Pokémon – Omega Ruby – Trick House – Strength test Guide

All Trick House Solutions (Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby)

Trick House 1 – 0:00
Trick House 2 – 1:55
Trick House 3 – 3:29
Trick House 4 – 4:43
Trick House 5 – 6:56
Trick House 6 – 8:59

Pokemon OmegaRuby & AlphaSapphire – All Trick House Puzzles

►00:00 – Intro
►00:08 – TRICK ROOM 1
(Required HM CUT)
Lava Cookie Prize: Expert Belt

►05:16 – TRICK ROOM 2
Badge Needed: Knuckle
(Required TM Rock Smash)
Delicacy: Rage Candy Bar
Prize: Hard Stone

►11:57 – TRICK ROOM 3
(Required TM Flash)
Delicacy: Lumiose Galette
Prize: TM92

►18:01 – TRICK ROOM 4
(Required HM Strength)
Delicacy: Castelia Cone
Prize: Smoke Ball

►21:00 – TRICK ROOM 5
Delicacy: Old Gateau
Prize: Magnet

►23:20 – TRICK ROOM 6
Delicacy: Shalour Sable
Prize: Red Tent (Ruby), Blue Tent (Sapphire)


►First Mechadoll
Q: One of these Pokemon uses Scratch. Which one is it?
A: Nincada

Q: One of these Pokemon is not found on Route 103. Which one is it?
A: Nincada

Q: One of these Pokemon is not of the Grass type. Which one is it?
A: Nincada

►Second Mechadoll
Q: What Pokemon was the Devon researcher looking for in Petalburg Woods?
A: Shroomish

Q Which Pokemon was offered for a trade at the Pokemon Trainers’ School?
A: Seedot

Q: In Professor Birch’s Bag, there were three Pokemon. Which one was at the right?
A: Mudkip

►Third Mechadoll
Q: Sell one Escape Rope and buy one Antidote. How much money remains?
A: P175

Q: Which costs more? Three Poke Balls or one Super Potion?
A: The Super Potion

Q: Which would cost more, a Full Heal plus a Great Ball, or one Revive?
A: Revive

►Fourth Mechadoll
Q: Was the first trainer in Dewford Gym male or female?
A: Female

Q: Rustboro Gym Leader Roxanne used a Geodude. Was it female or male?
A: Female

Q: In Dewford Hall, were there more men or women?
A: More men

►Fifth Mechadoll
Q: How many Bikes does Rydel have on display outside his cycle shop?
A: Two

Q: How many people give you Berries at the Pretty Petal flower shop?
A: One

Q: How many signs are in Lilycove City?
A: 8