Seed of a Giant Tree – Dark Souls 3 Guide

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Seed of a Giant Tree – Dark Souls 3 Guide

The Seed of a Giant Tree is one of the Multiplayer Items in Dark Souls

DARK SOULS™ III: How To Use The Seed Of A Giant Tree!/tid=CUSA08155_00

DARK SOULS 3 – Farming for Seed of Giant Tree (Late Game)

Apparently my first upload of it had no audio so hopefully it is now fixed. Thanks for letting me know!!
Sharing my farming spot for seeds in late game area. Hit that LIKE button and share if this helps you!

DARK SOULS 3 Farming seed of the giant tree

Best way play-by-play


Dark Souls 3 Ps4 – PvP How to use Seed of a Giant Tree

The seed of a giant tree makes invaders fair game to mobs and works until you leave the area. You can find them by examining the tree before you reach the tower elevator in firelink. As you can see the giant completely dominated the frostbite fuckface with an epic smack down. He just played himself. Good riddance. WARNING: may cause rustled jimmies.

DARK SOULS™ III!/en-us/tid=CUSA03388_00