Bugs – Persona 5 Guide

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Bugs – Persona 5 Guide

The following page contains the information on the Persona Bugs from Persona

The Strength Confidant Fusion Guide for Persona 5 Royal

Recipe w/ timestamps:
(00:56) 1. Arsene + Agathion = Succubus
Succubs + Pixie = Cait Sith
Cait Sith + Regent = Jack Frost w/ Mabufu

(01:18) 2. Pixie + Cait Sith = Incubus
Incubus + Jack-o’-Lantern = Berith
Incubus + Berith = Hua Po
Hua Po + Berith = Suzaku
Berith + Suzaku = Ame no Uzume w/ Frei

(01:45) 3. Berith + Regent = Orobas
Arsene + Suzaku = Angel
Jack-o’-Lantern + Angel = Eligor
Berith + Orobas + Eligor = Flauros w/ Tarukaja

(02:15) 4. Hua Po + Jack-o’-Lantern = Yaksini
Arsene + Angel = Kodama
Kodama + Flauros = Oni
Yaksini + Oni = Phoenix w/ Counter

(02:40) 5. Jack-o’-Lantern + Agathion = Silky
Suzaku + Kaguya Picaro = Lamia
Silky + Lamia = Setanta w/ Rakuka ja

(02:59) 6. Regent + Agathion = Slime
Slime + Oni = Sudama
Flauros + Ariadne = Anzu
Sudama + Kodama + Anzu = Neko Shogun w/ Dekaja

(03:22) 7. Ariadne + Jack Frost = Principality
Principality + Ariadne Picaro = Thoth
Thoth + Anzu = Lachesis w/ Tetraja

(03:42) 8. Hua Po + Thoth = Andras
Andras + Anzu = Hecathoncheires w/ Masukunda

(03:56) 9. Izanagi Picaro + Oni = Pisaca
Eligor + Izanagi = Jikokuten
Jikokuten + Ariadne = Hariti w/ Samarecarm at level 41
Pixie + Pisaca + Hariti = Bugs

(04:31) 10. Kaguya Picaro + Asterius Picaro = Horus
Jack Frost + Kodama = Isis
Pixie + Angel = Anubis
Thoth + Horus + Isis + Anubis = Seth w/ High Counter

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Persona 5 – RPCS3 Setup Guide & Unlock 60fps (Fixing bugs and Crashes)

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Persona 5 – How to make Bugs with Samarecarm Twin Wardens Rank 9! HQ

“”Lets play Persona 5 Blind playthrough Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game 1080P HD PS4 PRO
English Version.

The Awakening

Getting a Bugs with Samarecarm requires you to break out your advanced Persona Fusion tools once again – you’ll need to combine Pixie (Lovers) with Pisaca (Death) and Hariti (Empress). Play Squid Game Games Online: Are you a fan of the hit series? Test your skills in a range of Squid Game-inspired games that will challenge your wits and courage. Begin the adventure!

The move you need must come from Hariti, who learns Samarecarmat level 41. Boost Hariti there through some combat grinding or via an arcana burst, then have the resulting Bugs from the fusion inherit the move.

100% Social Links / Confidant Guide.
All Bosses / Boss fights strategy guide, showcasing all the cutscenes movie, all dungeons, all cooperation, romancing, all endings, the final boss and the true ending of Persona 5.
silent play through
Normal difficulty

Twin Wardens rank 8

Caroline and Justine”””

Persona 5 – Bugs with Samarecarm Fusion (Twin Wardens Quest)


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(2017) Persona 5 Guide

Persona 5 Bugs with Samarecarm Fusion (Twin Wardens Quest)