Gronkowski reverses course on his claim that he doesn’t watch film

There’s a fine line between playing dumb and being plain dumb. It’s sometimes hard to figure out the side of that line on which Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski resides.

Appearing on the Monday night Manningcast, Gronk said that he never watches film, that he simply asks Tom Brady who’s covering him. On Wednesday, Gronk was asked whether that’s true.

“I actually watch tons of film,” Gronkowski said. “You know, an overload of film. That was just, you know, I would probably blame [P.R. director] Nelson [Luis] over there. He asked me eight times to go on the show. I told him it’s not a good idea to put me on the show with the . . . Mannings. You know, they always get me joking around. You know, they always get me in that type of silly atmosphere. And that’s what happened. But, you know, and Coach [Bruce Arians] threatened me now that I don’t get my vet day anymore because I don’t watch film. So, trust me, I watch so much film that, you know, my girlfriend gets mad at me. She freakin’ throws shit at me sometimes because I’m watching so much film.”

It’s not the first time a joke (or not a joke) from Gronk created an issue. In April 2020, Gronkowski claimed that he had the Buccaneers’ playbook before he was on the team. Once it became clear that the Buccaneers may have tampered with Gronk by giving him a playbook while he was still under contract with the Patriots, Gronk claimed he was just joking around.

And there’s the lesson, kids. Whenever the truth accidentally makes its way from your brain to your mouth because you don’t realize the problems it will cause, you can always clean up the mess later by saying you were just joking around. And if you deliver that explanation in a way that also seems like a joke, no one will ever know when you’re serious and when you’re joking. Eventually, no one will ever take anything you ever say seriously.

That’ll show ’em.